Categories of community pubs

There are four categories of community pubs:

  • Community Owned: A pub where the freehold is owned by a *community group, but the pub may be run by a tenant or manager for the community group
  • Community Run: A pub where the freehold is owned by private individual or a pub company but leased to and run by a *community group
  • Community Supported: A pub that is neither owned by or run by a *community group, but where the community played a key role in helping to save a pub, and continue to have an influence on it's future. In some cases a pub which was involved in an active campaign to take into community ownership that was ultimately not successful, and is now not owned by a *community group.
  • Active Campaign: A pub where there is an active campaign by a *community group to purchase or lease a pub

Types of owner (community owned pubs)

  • Community Benefit Society: CBSs (or BenComs) are co-operatives, owned and controlled by a significant number of local people
  • Co-operative Society: Registered under the same legislation as a Community Benefit Society, and so identical to a CBS
  • Community Interest Company: CICs are social enterprises that use their profits and assets for the public good.
  • Private Limited Company (1): A Private Limited Company that is considered to be community owned because there are a significant number of shareholders, and becuase of the aims and objectives of the organisation are to run the pub for the benefit of the community.
  • Parish Council

*community group: A Community Interest Company, or a Community Benefit Society, or a parish council, or a private limited company with a large number of community shareholders.

Category Num
Community Owned 192
Community Run 24
Community Supported 37
Active Campaign 73
Total 326
Types of Owner Num
(community owned pubs)  
Community Benefit Society 118
Co-operative Society 3
Community Interest Company 14
Private Limited Company (1) 42
Parish Council 11
Unregistered Community Group 0
Unknown 0
Total 188
Types of Owner Num
(not community owned pubs)  
Individual 44
Private Limited Company (2) 22
Pub Company 16
Property Developer 5
Real Estate Company 5
Charity 2
Parish Council (1) 1
Unknown 3
Total 98
(updated 15/11/2023)